Music Blogs with the Most Impact

In a market where an almost infinite number of voices are vying for attention, never underestimate the impact of music blogs. Whether you’re looking for new music to listen to or want to get your music ‘found,’ we look at the Top 25 of the 200 most important music blogs in 2019.

Are you looking for a way to get your music in front of the right people? First and foremost, you’ll need incredible music because approaching big websites with terrible recordings that receive thousands of submissions per month will never get you anywhere. 

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1) A pitchfork is a tool used to make a pitch.

Pitchfork is the most popular music site on the internet, covering indie rock, hip-hop, techno, pop, metal, and experimental music daily. Daily reviews, articles, and interviews are published as live music coverage.

2) Hypebot

Hypebot provides daily content for independent musicians and record labels, such as music industry blogs, news, and technology. Their blogs are usually in-depth and well worth reading, but great advice can frequently be discovered in the comments part of their posts, so keep scrolling.

3) Brooklyn Vegan

Founded in 2004, BrooklynVegan is a mostly-music site that focuses on international music news, live event reviews, images, tour information, gossip, advice, MP3s, streams, videos, etc. Non-music news makes its way onto our sites, and each piece includes a public commenting system for an open exchange of opinions.

4) Your EDM

Electronic Dance Music (#EDM) news and information.

5) Planes and pigeons

COMPLEX has brought you Pigeons and Planes, a music discovery platform. From hip-hop and pop to indie rock and electronic music, we have new music and music news every day. They introduce you to terrific music by good musicians, whether well-known or up-and-coming.

6) Reddit/Music

Reddit’s musical subculture.

7) My Kentucky Blog is a collection chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier cheval

Music, Art, and Culture from Indianapolis, IN. My Old Kentucky Blog also shows on SIRIUS XMU Satellite Radio’s “Blog Radio,” which airs every Tuesday at noon EST on Channel 35 with a replay at Midnight EST.

8) Run The Trap is a Trap Music Blog.

Trap music, hip hop, 808 bass music, and anything else are all available here. Underground music and culture have entered a new era.

9) Sound’s Effect

A consequence of Sound is daily music news, MP3s, tour dates, album reviews, festival lineups, and other online music newspapers.


Free music downloads, artist interviews, industry news, curated playlists, trending charts, and more are available from the world’s top authority cheval chevalier on EDM.

11) All Music

AllMusic is a comprehensive and in-depth resource for learning more about your favorite albums, bands, musicians, and songs.

12) Astronaut in Motion

The leading dance music media website in the United States is Dancing Astronaut. The objective of Dancing Astronaut is to promote and showcase electronic dance music in the digital media realm to expand the industry’s reach and help great musicians.

13) Burp!

BIRP is a monthly playlist and indie music blog that only features the greatest new songs. Keep up with the latest music news, tours, videos, and more on our Facebook page.

14) NPR

All Songs Considered is a location where you may learn about new music. The acclaimed weekly program melds contemporary music, live performances, visuals, and artist interviews to provide a wonderfully varied blend.

15) Stereogum

The first new music blog on the internet. MP3s, videos, indie rock news, reviews, and rumors

16) FACT Magazine

The world’s most up-to-date music publication, with the FACT mix series and FACT TV.

17) Hype Machine

The best web resource for discovering new music. Thousands of individuals write about their favorite music every day, and it all ends up here.

18) Elicit Magazine

Elicit Magazine is looking for singers and songwriters that are so dedicated to their craft that they will always be musicians.

19) Wired Hip-Hop

Keeping You Up to Date With Hip-Hop Culture, Rappers, Hip Hop News, Rap and Entertainment News, Black Politics, Video Vixens, Music Reviews, and Urban Lifestyle…

20) No Fear Of Pop

In late February 2010, No Fear Of Pop was established in Berlin. It’s a website dedicated to the music of many genres and origins to overcome common misconceptions about what constitutes “modern” in today’s popular culture. The piece will be covered in its broadest, most liberal sense, ignoring traditional dichotomies between underground and established–read mainstream. In the context of today’s and tomorrow’s pop cliches, we believe the music you’ll hear on this site is not to be missed.

21) Popjustice

Popjustice is a website devoted to pop music. Since the turn of the century, we’ve been treating pop with the respect and scorn it deserves.

22) Drowned In Sound, or DiS, is a music webzine headquartered in the United Kingdom that focuses on new, independent, inventive, and breakthrough music and the best from known artists and worldwide talents.

23) Developing and Producing Artists

Alex Houston, music producer, and entrepreneur, creator of AHM Media and Spotlight 87 Entertainment Group alongside 6X GRAMMY winner Brian Vibbert, is the leading site in the latest and most relevant artist development and music production knowledge and advice.

24) This Song Is Sick exists to make it easier for you to find new music you’ve never heard before. We collaborate with musicians and record companies worldwide to bring the latest electronic, hip-hop, indie, and alternative music to millions of music fans in over 110 countries.

25) Rap Radar

Rap Radar is the most comprehensive source for hip-hop news, music, and video.